Five Reasons to Choose Direct Sales

“You’re getting involved with a pyramid scheme?” The dreaded question that is asked time and time again when someone contemplates joining the Direct Sales industry.

Gulp. “Yes, yes I am. I am joining a pyramid.” That was the best I could do.  I wasn’t prepared to answer this question and had no idea what to say or what to do. It was embarrassing and I was ashamed. What am I doing? People aren’t going to shop from me much less book a party with ‘my pyramid.’  These thoughts that consumed me during my first few months as an Origami Owl Independent Designer.

But guess what? I can confidently respond to this question now and can tell you why I would choose direct sales over anything else on any day of the week. I believe in this industry and I’m here to tell you why YOU need to choose direct sales.

But first, a little background….

I came from a full-time, 9am-5pm job. Actually, that’s a total lie. I was working from 6:00 am until my last meeting was over for the day. My boss had this wonderful process of scheduling meetings as close to my last hour as possible. Rarely was I able to leave by 3:00 pm. Oh, and I was commuting 75 my each way, Monday through Friday. Anyone from Southern California would understand that you don’t want to be anywhere near the 405 freeway at 4:05 pm.  I had no life and felt robotic. It was unhealthy and miserable and I was very, very tired. I dreamed of the day I could work from home and spend time doing what I love, leading my direct sales team.

So here I am, telling you why you, too, should choose direct sales. You ready for this?

1. Every company is built like a pyramid.

Let’s knock this one out first. In my opinion, no matter where you work or what you do (unless you’re self-employed), you work for some one. They make money off of you and your work. And guess what? They work for someone, too. Their superior takes some sort of gain from them. The “pyramid” continues to grow until you reach the CEO or owner or investment firm. There is always someone above capitalizing off of someone below. With my direct sales company, everyone must work if they’d like to reap the rewards. My mentors must work their business in order to make any financial gain or reward from me.  They can’t inactively collect earnings, promotions, or incentives. Think about that. Also, before you join your direct sales company, review the career plan with your potential mentor and ask how each level is achieved.

2. You control your own income with direct sales.

Yes, you heard me. You control how much money you make. This may sound shocking, but it is entirely true. No one can cap how much money you make with direct sales. Read that again: no one can cap how much you make with direct sales. The sky is the limit! Do you want some extra spending money? Great! Do you want to pay your mortgage? Perfect! With some training, dedication, perseverance, and consistency, you can achieve your financial goals. It will take work, but you can get there.

3. You make your own hours.

Yes, you read that right. You work when you want to work. For example, I am a night owl and especially enjoy the luxury of working until 2:00 am. My brain functions really well around midnight and I’m able to get a lot done. For early birds, direct sales also caters to you. You can literally schedule your own business hours. Of course, you can’t call customers at all hours of the day and you can’t host an event at midnight, but you have the ability to arrange your time to accomplish your goals and tasks.  Also, you need to stay focused, inspired, and organized during the hours dedicated to your direct sales business. Period. If you don’t have working hours, you will not make money (see paragraph above).

4. Opportunity is around every corner.

Birthday parties, play dates, working from your local coffee shop, going on lunch dates with friends, and all other social events serve as opportunities to market your direct sales business.  Heck, even a trip to the grocery stores could result in a new lead. Every interaction you engage in gives the unique opportunity to grow your business, connect with new customers, or welcome new teammates. You just need to keep this at the forefront of your mind.  Any time you have the ability to interact with another human is an opportunity to advertise. There are also appropriate ways to interact, but you can read more about that in this blog post.<link this

5. Direct Sales is fun!

It is a lot of fun. If you’re passionate about the product, you’re going to enjoy sharing it. You’re also going to meet a lot of great people that share a similar passion. You’ll have the opportunity to attend meetings, conventions, and incentive trips with people from all over the world. I still think about one of my direct sales besties and how we met at our first convention. She is from Louisiana and I’m from California. We talk year-round and stay in touch, but would have never met if it wasn’t for our direct sales company. Oh and those meetings, conventions, and trips are all part of the fun! Experiencing new places, trying new foods, participating in activities, and seeing new sites is all part of the experience. Traveling the world with your direct sales company is quite fun, let me tell you! For more information on tips for earning an incentive trip, click here.

So what’s holding you back? If you’re passionate about your product and the brand, why not jump in? Do something for YOU because a year from now you’ll wish you had started today. For more information about joining my team, click here. I’d love to talk to you!

Direct Sales Vendor Event Supplies

A list of everything you’ll need!

You signed up for a vendor event with your direct sales business – yay! This is wonderful and such a great opportunity. You’re ready to pack up your beautiful product and get your show on the road, but wait! There are some things you need to take with you to make your experience as a vendor run as smooth as possible. This will also make the experience more fun and successful. The list below contains my top supplies for direct sales vendor events. Here’s everything I like to bring with me:


This sounds obvious, but I have to include it right? Bring your latest and greatest.  Bring the newest, most fresh and beautiful product you have on-hand. You want it to sparkle and shine from your vendor booth. Showcase your goods so your customers can look at, touch, and try on everything! In addition, bring anything you might need to clean or polish your pieces, just in case. You want everything to look PERFECT! You may also consider bringing extra inventory to restock with.

Business Supplies

Set yourself up for smooth and successful purchases. Bring the items that you need for conducting a transaction at your booth. This may include:

  • Order forms: stamped, labeled, and prepped in advance
  • Clipboard (or another solid writing surface)
  • Pens
  • Calculator for totaling – This looks so much more professional than your phone.
  • Point of Sale Product – If you’re not using pen and paper to process transactions, be sure to bring your product for processing your sales (If WIFI is needed, be sure you inquire about this or establish your plan before the event)
  • Business cards
  • Current catalogs: labeled and ready
  • Cash and coin for making change: If you ware accepting cash payments, bring small bills (lots of $1 bills) and coins for making change. Be sure to keep this money secured and out of sight.
  • Shopping bags and to-go packaging: This is important if you are performing cash ‘n’ carry transactions. Bonus: Use bags that stand out and showcase your brand. This will draw attention to your customers as they walk around with their beautiful purchases.
  • Small “business table”: I always bring a small card table or TV tray to events to go behind my display tables. This provides me with a small space to keep my paperwork, order forms, calculator, etc.
  • Tablecloths: Clean, pressed and branded tablecloths for your tabletops. You may also want an extra tablecloth for your small business table.

Shopping Experience Enhancers

What can you add to your booth or table to make it stand out just a little bit more or to attract shoppers? How can you make the shopping experience that much better or easier? Consider the following:

  • Mirrors: a necessity if you sell jewelry (like me!) or clothing.
  • Bed Lifts: Yes! You read that right   B E D   L I F T S.  Bed lifts can be placed under the feet of your table and will bring your product closer to eye level. This is so important when you have small product on your table that shoppers have to bend down to see. Lifts will make the shopping experience so much easier as shoppers won’t break their backs leaning over to see your small products.
  • Magnifying Glass: Again, something for customers to use to make it easier to see small pieces on your table.
  • Seasonal Decor: Fresh flowers or holiday decorations are great for freshening up your display and making it standout and “pop” against the others around you.
  • Raffle Tickets/Entry Forms and a Container: If your brand permits it, consider a bowl or jar for raffle drawings. Collect customer information and add their name to the container to win a prize. These contact forms are priceless as they allow you to follow up with all that entered.

Back-up or “Just in Case” Materials

I bring a ziplock bag that contains items that I “might” need. I call this my “Emergency Toolbox.” I may not need everything at every event, but it is always a good idea to have them on-hand, just in case:

  • Sharpies or thick markers
  • Extra Pens
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Scotch tape
  • Fishing line (this might sound so weird, but it seriously can work wonders)
  • Notepad
  • Small pliers

Some items may or may not be provided by your actual vendor event. Read your contract carefully and understand what you are responsible for providing. Also, some items may require permission. Be sure to check with your event coordinator to understand your limitations and requirements. You may need or want to bring:

  • Table(s): Some events provide them and some do not. You’ll want to confirm this in advance
  • Pop-up tent, canopy, E-Z up to protect against weather: this may be part of your regular outdoor set and may or may not be permitted by your event.
  • Chairs: For you or your assistant to take a break in (though I do not recommend sitting down during the event)
  • Lights/lighting: Some product requires extra lighting to ensure visibility.
  • Generator or power source
  • Extension cords

The more organized and prepared you are for your event, the more success you’ll have! Get your supplies together and be prepared to succeed.

I’d love to hear what you bring along to make your events the ultimate success! What most important direct sales vendor event supplies?