Origami Owl Back to School Styles

origami owl back to schoolIt’s a Back-to-School Pep Rally!

Summer is winding down. Students, teachers, and administrators are returning back for another amazing school year. Everyone’s looking for the hottest fall trends and back to school sales are in full-swing. Origami Owl has created some of the most amazing looks for for the season, including some special baseball, football, and cheer locket sets. They’re the perfect way to kick off the new school year in style.

“Pep Rally” is the theme of this limited edition and “trendy” release. I love the fact that these pieces are both easy to customize and they’re super-affordable. Explore each exclusive style below.

Back-to-School Pep Rally: Teachers, Educators, + Administrators

origami owl teacher giftWow, we have some gorgeous back-to-school styles for anyone that works in education. I’m loving the Back to School  Medium Heart Locket Set. It includes the adorable Medium Silver Heart Locket with Crystals and is perfect for any teacher! It holds many specials pieces to illustrate their story including a Gold Heart Ruler Charm, School Bus Charm, Silver Heart with Orange Crystals Charm, and Orange Leaf Charm. I absolutely love the idea of adding birthstone crystals or Swarovski Stardust Crystal Charms to represent school colors. Isn’t the Medium Heart Living Locket cute, too? Other charms can also be added to customize the look further. The 16-18″ chain is also made of tiny little hearts – so cute!  I think any teacher would appreciate and enjoy this special locket. What a great way to kick off the school year!

Back-to-School Pep Rally: Football Fans origami owl football

Oh my gosh! The “Faith, Family Football” locket set is so perfect for the upcoming football season! Seriously, any football fan will enjoy this set. It includes a complete Large Hinged Living Locket with Crystals plus a 30″ Silver Over-the-Heart Chain, along with the Pave Football Dangle and the exclusive Large Silver “Faith, Family, Football” Plate. Yep, that means this plate is only available for a limited time or while supplies last.

The best part of this locket is that it can be completely customized for any football fan by adding crystals that represent team colors, charms that represent the mascot, or even with a bonus football charm! This one is a must-have for football season 2017! origami owl footballI can’t wait to get my hands on mine and dress it up to match my UCLA Bruins! #GoBruins 😉

We also have this exclusively designed and inscribed “Love Football” Plaque for your favorite Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet! It’s the perfect accent to capture a touchdown on your wrist and can be combined with any of our Wrap Bracelets. It can also be layered with our  Silver Classic Living Locket Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals. What a fun way to wear your team pride!


Origami Owl Cheer

Back-to-School Pep Rally: Cheerleaders + Cheer Moms

What about our cheerleaders and cheer moms?! We can’t forget about them! They play such a big role in keeping our athletes and fans pumped up at the games! Origami Owl has created two exclusive cheer looks, one wrap bracelet plaque and one locket set.

For many, Cheer = life! How perfect is this exclusive “Live, Love, Cheer” Plaque? It is worn paired with your favorite Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet. It’s the perfect accent to show your team spirit wherever you are! Its such a fun addition to your spirited collection!

Origami Owl CheerLet’s talk about the locket set. My favorite part is the exclusive Large Black “Cheer Mom” Plate!  We’ve never made one before and I just think its adorable. It fits right inside the Large Black Twist Living Locket™ Face with Clear Crystals by Swarovski® and Large Black Twist Locket Base and comes with a 30” Black Classic Ball Chain. Again, this look is the PERFECT starter locket set for your favorite cheer moms! To add a little more pep to the look, you can add out adorable cheerleader charm or the “Say yes!” charm. These looks are fantastic for back to school season!

Back-to-School Pep Rally: Baseball Fansorigami owl baseball

Baseball season is still in full swing {get it?}. What better way to wrap up the season than with two spirited, exclusive styles?

First up, we have our “Hustle, Hit & Never Quit” Silver Locket Gift Set.  It includes an exclusive Large Silver “Hustle, Hit & Never Quit” Plate, a Large Silver Twist Living Locket Heirloom Face and Large Silver Twist Locket Base along with a Pave Baseball Dangle with Swarovski Crystals, and a 16” Faceted Ball Chain.

origami owl baseballThere are so many ways to make this locket perfectly unique! Swarovski crystal birthstones can be added to represent your school or team colors. Additional baseball-themed charms make this locket extra special including the Baseball Bat Charm, Baseball Glove Charm, and the Baseball Heart Charm. I love the versatility!

Lastly, we have the Silver “XOXO” Baseball Slider which look fantastic on a our Patent Black Slider Single Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet. What a great way to display your love of the game!

Origami Owl has everything you need to go back to school in style and with pride! Be sure to shop these looks before gone! Have a great school year!

Origami Owl Store Locator: You Have Arrived

Did you just see a stranger’s stunningly beautiful Origami Owl Living Locket? Or maybe someone you know received a special locket as a gift? Either way, you  N E E D   to get your hands on one ASAP! Now you’re desperately searching for an Origami Owl store locator so you can find a place to shop near you. I totally get it. I LOVE Origami Owl, too.  I wear one of my favorite lockets every single day and I still want more!

No Need to Search for an “Origami Owl Store Locator”

I have a tiny bit of bad news and then some REALLY GREAT NEWS. Okay, the bad news is that there isn’t a brick-and-mortar Origami Owl jewelry store. The good news is {drum roll, please} you have options. Really great options to help you shop so you can get your hands on a beautiful piece of Origami Owl jewelry.

You can actually shop right now! Literally. You can simply click here and browse the most beautiful collection we’ve ever created. As an Origami Owl Independent Designer, my online shop is always open!

Would you like to understand how the pieces all come together? Take a look at this page. I have created a detailed description that walks you through the process of creating your complete Living Locket. Plus, I’ve included suggestions for all of the beautiful ways you can customize and accessorize your unique look.

If you need recommendations, have questions, or would just like to discuss your creation, simply send a message below. I’d love to help you have the best shopping experience possible.

Once you’ve captured your perfect story with Origami Owl jewelry, be sure to share that story and post a picture on social media using the hashtag #sparklewithme. I look forward to seeing your beautiful creation soon.

5 Tips for Earning an Origami Owl Incentive Trip

origami owl incentive tripThe latest Origami Owl incentive trip was just announced! You’re really inspired and a wave of excitement rushes through your body. You’re thinking, Maybe, just maybe, I can earn that. Wouldn’t that be awesome?  I’d love to be there. Then the doubt and negative self-talk start to sink in, Who am I trying to kid? I won’t be able to do it. I won’t have the time.  Its too hard.

Sound familiar?

Guess what! You CAN earn your Origami Owl incentive trip! It is absolutely possible. You just have to start! Here are five things you can do right now that will set you on the path to earning that vacation to that beautiful destination.

Believe you can do it.

The first thing you must do it BELIEVE. Believe you can achieve this goal. Tell yourself, “I can do this  and I am going to do this.” When any  negative thoughts or doubts start to work their way into your mind, change your thinking. Tell yourself, “I AM doing this. I am working to achieve this goal right now.” You have to believe in yourself.  Believe you can achieve it.

Commit and hold yourself accountable.

Put the goal in writing. Write it on a piece of paper and post it on a wall or mirror. Create a vision board or a vision Living Locket®. Post a picture of the location on social media with a caption that reads, “I am going on this Origami Owl incentive trip to ____________ next spring.”  You have to commit to your goal and be reminded of that commitment daily. The visual reminders will keep you focused and will help hold you accountable. Print this year’s incentive trip tracker and check off your accomplishments so you can track your progress and and be reminded of what you need to achieve.

origami owl incentive tripUnderstand what it takes to earn the Origami Owl incentive trip.

You need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you need to do to qualify for the trip. Review the guidelines or FAQs about this year’s trip. The sooner you understand exactly what you need to accomplish, the sooner you can put a plan into place. If you have questions about a specific requirement, reach out to your mentors. They should be able to provide you with details about the requirements.

Make a plan and start working on it right now.

Too often we procrastinate and put things off. “I’ll start next month” or “I can’t do that right now, but I can try to do it later.” Guess what, when we push things off until “later,” they don’t get done. “Later” will come and go along with that trip! Put a plan together. Outline exactly what you need to do during the qualification period. Break down the requirements into smaller milestones so you can build momentum. For example, if you need to earn a certain amount of points by a certain date, figure out how many you need to earn at the halfway mark. Break that down further so you know what you need to do on a smaller scale.  Immediate and smalls wins will fuel your fire and keep your momentum going.

Focus on this goal everyday.

Seriously, ask yourself each day, What can I do today to help me move closer toward achieving this incentive trip? Then complete a task that moves you in the right direction.  Do this every single day.  Consistency and focus are absolutely key to achieving your Origami Owl® incentive trip.

With a little focus, dedication, and belief you can achieve this goal! Prove to yourself that you can to this. I’ll see you on the next trip! 😉

Her Story: Anniversary Memories

So it’s my 2nd wedding anniversary today and my honeyman and I are going out to dinner to celebrate. I’m piecing together the perfect story that represents the memories of our wedding day and I’d like to share it with you because I’m really loving this locket. Today, “her story” is my anniversary story.


I always start with gold when I want to tell the story of our wedding day. Our wedding colors were nay blue and gold so gold jewelry is perfect for my anniversary locket.

I started with a Large Gold Twist Living Locket with Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals. This locket face is a vintage piece that was part of our 2017 Easter Collection. Don’t worry, we have a similar look available nowunity ceremony

I knew I would include the anchor charm because it represents the Bible verse that inspired the theme of the wedding “Love anchors the soul. – Hebrews 6:19. We  got married at a marina so the anchor is a perfect representation of the venue.  The vintage “I do” charm represents our vows. The wedding ring charm looks like my engagement ring (I love it).

I had to include the lemon wedge charm because it represents out unity ceremony. Side note: We used a lemon tree for our unity ceremony and each poured soil from our childhood homes into the pot. When we purchased our first home, the tree was planted in the front yard of our first home.

origami owl

The infinity symbol is my favorite charm because it symbolizes the date, 08-08, double infinity day. I included the bouquet charm because I loved my wedding flowers.  The gold “Family” charm was included because we were truly surrounded by family that day. Finally, the gold champagne flutes represent a toast to our future. Of course, I had to add more sparkle so I sprinkled in some Aurora Borealis Stardust Crystals.

This locket was the perfect look for our anniversary celebration. I loved wearing it to dinner and it made me smile to think about the memories from that day.