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5 Tips for Earning an Origami Owl Incentive Trip

origami owl incentive tripThe latest Origami Owl incentive trip was just announced! You’re really inspired and a wave of excitement rushes through your body. You’re thinking, Maybe, just maybe, I can earn that. Wouldn’t that be awesome?  I’d love to be there. Then the doubt and negative self-talk start to sink in, Who am I trying to kid? I won’t be able to do it. I won’t have the time.  Its too hard.

Sound familiar?

Guess what! You CAN earn your Origami Owl incentive trip! It is absolutely possible. You just have to start! Here are five things you can do right now that will set you on the path to earning that vacation to that beautiful destination.

Believe you can do it.

The first thing you must do it BELIEVE. Believe you can achieve this goal. Tell yourself, “I can do this  and I am going to do this.” When any  negative thoughts or doubts start to work their way into your mind, change your thinking. Tell yourself, “I AM doing this. I am working to achieve this goal right now.” You have to believe in yourself.  Believe you can achieve it.

Commit and hold yourself accountable.

Put the goal in writing. Write it on a piece of paper and post it on a wall or mirror. Create a vision board or a vision Living Locket®. Post a picture of the location on social media with a caption that reads, “I am going on this Origami Owl incentive trip to ____________ next spring.”  You have to commit to your goal and be reminded of that commitment daily. The visual reminders will keep you focused and will help hold you accountable. Print this year’s incentive trip tracker and check off your accomplishments so you can track your progress and and be reminded of what you need to achieve.

origami owl incentive tripUnderstand what it takes to earn the Origami Owl incentive trip.

You need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you need to do to qualify for the trip. Review the guidelines or FAQs about this year’s trip. The sooner you understand exactly what you need to accomplish, the sooner you can put a plan into place. If you have questions about a specific requirement, reach out to your mentors. They should be able to provide you with details about the requirements.

Make a plan and start working on it right now.

Too often we procrastinate and put things off. “I’ll start next month” or “I can’t do that right now, but I can try to do it later.” Guess what, when we push things off until “later,” they don’t get done. “Later” will come and go along with that trip! Put a plan together. Outline exactly what you need to do during the qualification period. Break down the requirements into smaller milestones so you can build momentum. For example, if you need to earn a certain amount of points by a certain date, figure out how many you need to earn at the halfway mark. Break that down further so you know what you need to do on a smaller scale.  Immediate and smalls wins will fuel your fire and keep your momentum going.

Focus on this goal everyday.

Seriously, ask yourself each day, What can I do today to help me move closer toward achieving this incentive trip? Then complete a task that moves you in the right direction.  Do this every single day.  Consistency and focus are absolutely key to achieving your Origami Owl® incentive trip.

With a little focus, dedication, and belief you can achieve this goal! Prove to yourself that you can to this. I’ll see you on the next trip! 😉