origami owl back to school
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Origami Owl Back to School Styles

It's a Back-to-School Pep Rally! Summer is winding down. Students, teachers, and administrators are returning back for another amazing school year. Everyone's looking for the hottest fall trends and back to school sales are in full-swing. Origami Owl has created some of the most amazing looks for for the season, including some special baseball, football,… Continue reading Origami Owl Back to School Styles

anniversary memories
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Her Story: Anniversary Memories

So it's my 2nd wedding anniversary today and my honeyman and I are going out to dinner to celebrate. I'm piecing together the perfect story that represents the memories of our wedding day and I'd like to share it with you because I'm really loving this locket. Today, "her story" is my anniversary story. HER… Continue reading Her Story: Anniversary Memories